Legacy of
the Dog-Dragon






July 2021 -  September 2021


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An illustration for a silk scarf collection commissioned by FOLKSIGHT, a designer scarf brand. Their main focus is on fashion and lifestyle products that have storytelling elements coming from Vietnamese heritage.


My last commission with FOLKSIGHT in 2021 was about "cultural legacy". People learn and grow from their roots, especially when their roots are associated with mythical stories and beliefs. This is represented by the Yao, an Ethnic Minority from Northern Vietnam. They have tales of a man named Ban Vuong, who is believed to be the great forefather of their12 clans. It is believed that the ancestral figure was a brave king who could transform himself into a Dog-Dragon. He gave birth to12 children, then taught them to respect nature, work hard, and always help others. The children kept his legacy alive for generations until today.

Dao - The Dog-Dragon God and Herbs.jpg

Legacy of the Dog-Dragon - Full Image

The Red Yao (a branch of Yao) is famous for shamanic rituals and herbal medicines. We can see a number of herbal plants, such as Elderflower, Clematis Armandii, Dandelion, .etc in the illustration. Representing 12 clans are 12 characters who are celebrating Ban Vuong in the form of a Dog-Dragon, a hybrid creature between a dog with silky black fur and a dragon with golden stripes and a pink aura. On the left side of Ban Vuong, there are 4 women picking herbs, while on the right side, 5 men are dancing, singing, and paying tributes to him. On the Dog-dragon's back, there are 3 important figures: the storyteller, the artist, and the fire keeper, symbolizing the continuation of the forefather's legacy.


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