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Hi! I'm Linh.


Starting my career as an art director of animation in 2017, I decided to follow my passion and became a full-time illustrator in 2020. My range of work varies from editorials, advertisement, product design, branding, to animation. Storytelling is a big part of my work and I believe that the best stories are told with as much attention to detail as possible.


Some of my clients have included, BBC World Service, HarperCollins UK, Upstart Theatre UK, Folksight Vietnam, Pan Food, Perma Bounds, Kim Dong Publishing House of Vietnam, Dinh Ti Publishing House of Vietnam

Skills and Styles

My main skill is cultural storytelling, with visual research, and color application being crucial additional skills during the creative process. Furthermore, I weave together my cultural art with a style rich in vibrant tones that immerse the viewer into the piece.


I work mostly digitally in Adobe Photoshop and Procreate. If time is not an issue, I also enjoy working in gouache and acrylics.


Masters in Animation from the University of the West of England (Bristol)

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